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I don’t want to live a life of a prostitute. But I have to.

    “Ready?” Apte asked. I replied with a yes. But am I really ready to do this?
10 years ago
    “Rani, we have no dal (pulse) to eat today.” my mother said.
     “It’s okay aama (mom), we’re okay with rice.” I replied.
      “But I want dal too” my younger brother cried.
      “Yes you fuche badmass (naughty boy). But aren’t you late for your school?” I said.
 The same moment I saw my mother smiling with tears in her eyes.
My father died when I was four. Since then my mother took care of me and my brother. She did everything alone. She used to go to others and wash dishes.
       “Rani, let’s go. What are you thinking? We are late.”
       “Oh Bijli. When did you come?”
       “When you were at your dream.” she grinned.
We arrived at Hotel Tamrakar at 9.
        “Go to room 116” the receptionist said.
I entered the room. There was a man at his age forty drinking wine.
       “You are Rani?”
I nodded.
        “I’m Rohan. You want something? Wine?”
        “No thanks.”
         “You’re beautiful.”
        “Shall we start?”
I didn’t react which was actually a yes with a meaningless no.
         “Take off your clothes then.”
I don’t want to live a life of a prostitute. But I have to.


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